As heat pump professionals, we need to keep updated on the latest heating and cooling trends and find new sources of innovation while staying connected to our peers.

To stay current, we use various online and offline sources to provide the latest heat pumps to our clients and strengthen our business relationships. These tools allow us to render exceptional service to all our clients, ensuring they receive the most up-to-date solutions.

If you’re looking to learn about the latest heating and cooling trends, we’re going to share some of our most valuable resources for all things related to heat pumps. Read on to learn more.

1. Nova Scotia Power

The Nova Scotia Power website provides a lot of great tips for the efficient usage of heat pumps. Consequently, it will show you how to breathe cleaner air, save money and enjoy optimum temperatures throughout the year.

2. Natural Resources Department of Canada

With the Natural Resources Department of Canada website, you will learn about the heat pumps that make the best use of the outdoor and indoor air to heat and cool your home. You will also find out how to reduce your carbon footprint with energy-efficient products.

3. Mitsubishi Heating & Cooling

The Mitsubishi Heating & Cooling site showcases all the sleek and stylish systems that will suit your home. These models are also functional and have different configurations to match your unique requirements.

4. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that explains all the various types of heat pumps. It also provides easy-to-understand information about the applications, performance, operation, and government incentives.

If you need to upgrade your heating and cooling requirements, these resources can be a fantastic starting point. When you’re ready to take the next step, reach out to Comfort Plus Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. for all your heat pump needs. As one of the most experienced heat pump companies in Windsor, Nova Scotia, we take care of sales, service, and installation of ductless and ducted heat pumps while maintaining a high level of customer service. Our fully licensed and registered technicians also offer residential and commercial HVAC, heat pump cleaning, ventilation, and electrical assistance to our clients. We serve clients across Windsor, Annapolis Valley, Halifax Regional Municipality, and the surrounding areas.

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